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  • In depth report of your current online presence
  • A head to head comparison with your competition
  • A complete report on what people say about you online
  • Learn what you can do now to make a huge difference tomorrow

Finally a no non-sense service! I was getting calls and emails daily about services they said I NEEDED! Bottom line, I wanted new clients but these services were either way too expensive or just didn’t bring in new clients. Eric got the phone to ring and within 48 hrs I had 2 new clients! After that I simply dropped everything else and now I just answer calls… Sweet!

Jim P.Plumber, Chicago

checkmark >>>>>Over 1100 satisfied customers since 2011<<<<<
We tried pretty much every new strategies that comes out every day to generate more clients using the internet but the problem was that it was very expensive and not reliable. Once we tried Eric we couldn’t believe how simple it could actually be plus he was able to explain what we could do to improve what we already had to increase conversion from our organic traffic! Thank you Eric!

Dr Ellen D.Plastic Surgeon

In an effort to be 100% transparent here are the details

Service Details:

  • You tell us exactly which service you want calls for
  • We advertise on our huge network about it
  • You’ll get Exclusive Live Calls Direct to Your Phone
  • You pay a fair amount per Qualified* Referral. We will determine that amount together based on the value of your average job.
  • You will be billed weekly (NO long term commitment as you can cancel anytime)
  • *Any Call Generated that are Less than 30 Seconds is Free but regardless of time if it’s obviously not a good referral you will not be charged as we will be able to sort it out at the end of the week by listening to the calls so I assure you that you will ONLY pay for leads you yourself will agree are good leads. In fact we guarantee it.
  • As mentioned the recording of all the Calls is Available at all times
  • As far as payments we require a small retainer that will be used towards the first few referals you get but to remove any fear that you might waste your money we offer to put the retainer in escrow (extra $25 for this insurance) (we use so that you can rest assure your money is safe and that you will get your money’s worth. That being said most are comfortable using PayPal which also protects you in case you are not happy and there is no extra to use paypal plus you don’t need a paypal account to use it.
  • Another point that’s worth mentioning is that we don’t charge you to generate the ads, create the campaigns, buy a dedicated local tracking number for you, create an account so that you can access the recordings, etc.. That’s a lot of hours and money but it’s our investment to create a long term partnership with you.

Finally let me say that I worked 18 years in sales and Marketing in the pharmaceutical industry and I am a now an internet marketing consultant for small to medium size brick-and-mortar businesses and outside of this referral business model I charge a flat fee of $150 per hour for my services but if you decide to work with us I will also help you with your current marketing strategies for free. I was able to help multiple pharmaceutical companies make extra billions, yes that’s billions with a “B” so I’m sure I can help your business do better too! Ok maybe not billions but significantly more ;-)

So that’s it, if you want to partner with me just send me your info and within 24-48 hours you’re phone will start ringing and you’ll book new jobs right away!


Eric LeRiche – LeRiche Enterprises Inc